It's Just A Piece Of Rock!
Chip of Obsidian hand knapped into an arrowhead 2004 A.D.
Or Is It?
Move your mouse cursor over this chip of obsidian
and you'll see the arrowhead made from this chip.
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6 more pieces of stone from Beginner's Flint Knapping Kit ... made in to 6 arrowheads, more or less!
What Can You Make With Your Introductory Knapping Kit?
Drag Your Mouse Cursor Over These Chips To See What Is Possible.
Arrowheads Spoken Here!
Clovis, Dalton, Eden, Folsom, Scottsbluff; Avonlea, Cahokia, Calapooya, Catahoula,
Gunther, Hernando, Huffaker, Perdiz, Scallorn, Wallula Gap, Washita, Wintu, Yadkin,
Yana & More...
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